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About Us

Ortho-Bionomy NZ was originally incorporated as a non-profit society in 1992 to promote this effective system of gentle bodywork and oversee the professional training programmes for Practitioners and Instructors.

The Association of NZ Ortho-Bionomists Inc was a founding Member of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners. In September 1995 Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Incorporated was registered with the Incorporated Societies, and is a current Member of Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand (whose role is to ensure that Members’ Practitioners meet the high standards set by the Charter).

Mission Statement

To practice, promote, inform, develop and research the concepts of Ortho-Bionomy, self correction techniques and philosophy for the well-being of all.

Our Constitution

The Constitution of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Incorporated, Revised December 2016

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Our Code of Ethics

The Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Code of Ethics

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Use of Trademarks

The Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo is a registered trademark of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Incorporated.

You must be a current financial member of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Incorporated, who has met the standard required and has received permission from Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Incorporated, before you can use this trademark.

Trademark Policy

Trademark Guidelines and Member Agreement



The Association encourages its members to promote their individual Ortho-Bionomy practices in ways that maintain the integrity and reputation of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Inc’s programs and services.

Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Inc. owns this registered trademark: Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar design, and has exclusive use of this logo within New Zealand.

Only a fully qualified Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Instructor has the right to use the title of Ortho-Bionomist and the Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo providing:

(1) they are current financial members, and

(2) they meet the criteria set down to hold current annual practising certificates.

(3) The Ortho-Bionomy Management Committee has the power to withdraw or limit any or all use of the Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo by any members either individually or collectively. Such action may be enforced by legal action including in cases of non-compliance of such restrictions.


Practitioner and Instructor Members

(1) OBNZ registered Practitioners and Instructors can use the trademarked Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo in promoting their Ortho-Bionomy practice or teaching.

(2) Practitioner Members can also use the phrase “Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy” in promotional literature. Instructor Members can use the phrase “Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy”.

(3) The Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar trademark may be used in any size, but it may not be modified in any other way. The Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar trademark can be used with or without the ® symbol.

(4) A trademark disclaimer must be included in every document or publication, except on business cards, as follows: ‘The Ortho-Bionomy logo is a registered trademark of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Inc and is used with permission.’

(5) The Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo cannot be used as a personal logo.

(6) In order to ensure that Ortho-Bionomy training meets the standards of the Association, Instructor Members must submit their instructional materials to the Association for review and approval.


Practitioner-in-Training Members

(1) Practitioner-in-Training members can state that they are Practitioner-in-Training members of Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand Inc.

(2) All merchandise (unless specified for Practitioner use only) on the OBNZ website is approved for use by Practitioner-in-Training members to assist in informing their clients about Ortho-Bionomy, provided that it is not amended or altered in any way to promote individual businesses.

(3) Practitioner-in-Training members, including Certificate level Practitioner-in-Training members,  cannot use the trademarked Ortho-Bionomy Sand Dollar logo.

(4) Practitioner-in-Training members who have commenced training but not yet met the approved minimum criteria cannot list ‘Ortho-Bionomy’ as one of their bodywork modalities.

(5) Once Practitioner-in-Training members have gained the OBNZ Certificate level qualification, they can list ‘Ortho-Bionomy’ as one of their bodywork modalities and can add their name to the OBNZ brochure material with the term ‘Certificate level’ next to their name.

(6) Practitioner-in-Training members cannot in any way suggest they have completed the Association’s Practitioner Programme. They cannot use the words “registered,” “practitioner,” “advanced practitioner”, “instructor,” “advanced instructor” in conjunction with the term Ortho-Bionomy.